Earnest Money ACH Payments

Congratulations on going under contract on your new Purchase!

This EARNEST MONEY ACH submission option is for submitting earnest money for the purchase of a property when Title Search U.S.A., INC listed in the contract as the Closing Attorney AND as the “Holder of Earnest Money.”

Note: This payment option is solely for the submission of EARNEST MONEY and NOT for funds needed at closing. Funds for closing must be in the form of a WIRE TRANSFER. You will receive instructions related to initiating your wire from your Closing Coordinator prior to the date of your closing.

Prior to submitting your Earnest Money

You will need to upload a copy of your contract showing Title Search U.S.A., INC as the Holder of the Earnest Money. (Look for the Earnest Money section or paragraph and confirm Title Search U.S.A., INC is the holder).

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